Luxembourg Online Casinos

Play the best online casinos in Luxembourg from our playlist. We have reviewed only trusted casinos sites that operate on theritory of Luxembourg. What makes the best online casino in Luxembourg? In this guide you will find out more about regulatory regime and popular payment options that are used for online gambling.

More About Luxembourg Online Casinos

Situated in the heart of Europe, the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg is a home to some of the largest IT companies – giants such as Amazon, Rakuten, or eBay and PayPal. Leading online cloud and social gaming enterprises also use the country’s services to establish distribution platform for the likes of Big Fish Games or Zynga. With a long history of casino entertainment, Luxembourg prides itself for the ideal geographic location, data centre and internet infrastructure, installed client base, and a business-friendly tax environment with the lowest VAT rates in the EU. 

The list is of reliable casinos a player from Luxembourg can safely join is determined under certain criteria. When creating such a catalogue, our experts rely on several evaluation components including bonuses, game selection, license, payment methods, language, service quality, mobile compatibility or an app, games, and providers, as well as on chances of winning.

Our casino experts have responsibly inspected online gambling halls for Luxembourg residents according to established criteria so that every player could find the best in the online casinos list. Thanks to our experience, we can answer all questions that may arise when choosing a site to play on. Moreover, real and honest player reviews about the online casinos in Luxembourg are the principle of qualitative creation of the list of test winners, on which you can place your hopes.

How to Choose Luxembourg Online Casino

Indeed, choosing the casino is a complicated task. But we have tested many casino websites in Luxembourg and are able to answer this question. The casinos with the license are most sought after by Luxembourg residents. In this way, their availability is checked again and again. Such license is a security indicator that guarantees reliability and data protection. So keep it in mind: a secure online casino with a valid license is the best place to play for real money.

Luxembourg Licensed Online Casinos

The Grand-Ducal Law to the Oeuvre and Loterie Nationale of 2009 indirectly defines online gambling as a form of lottery and sports betting provided by an information society or using such tools. This broad definition includes all games organized by electronic means and at a distance and activated at the gambler’s individual request. All online sports activities must be approved by the Loterie Nationale, which may also distribute own products through this network.

The country has a long history of casino operations going back to the 1880s when the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg opened the Casino Bourgeois. Designed like a private club for gentlemen, the country’s first casino offered games of chance as a side attraction to VIP clubs. Until 1977, gambling was strictly prohibited, but the law passed that year created a loophole – certain casino establishments could be opened, registered, and licensed for the sake of country’s increased tourism revenue.

According to the positive legislation, online gambling has no legal background – but only if you are a domestic business. On the other hand, there is no rule that can keep players away from a foreign site and prosecute him/her for placing real money bets. The fact the online gambling is far from being logically regulated should not stop domestic punters to wager abroad. There is also a chance to try your luck in Casino 2000, a landline establishment based in Mondorf-les-Bains.

On the other side of the spectrum, there are strict fines that include prison sentences for B2B or B2C operators offering games of chances with a profit objective that have no valid permit, license, or the approval. Since the licensing regime makes no difference between online and offline services, the Ministry of Justice is enforced to check if any new game could jeopardize the existing supply-demand balance in this market.

Payment Options Offers at Luxembourg Online Casinos

The average number of Internet searches shows that the people of Luxembourg appreciate PayPal first and foremost, which comes as no surprise given the fact this financial provider is seated in the EU’s smallest country. Also, all other e-wallet and banking services are present, but we will just stick a little bit more to the most popular resource. 

If not already a member, Lëtzebuerger can use their email address to open a new account, fund the bankroll, and withdraw winnings. There are no fees and processing are instant. In some cases, PayPal use carries an additional bonus, so make sure to catch it.

Best Luxembourg Casino Offers

Fresh designs, special bonus offers, exclusive gifts, and new gaming options are offered by young casinos, as their advantage is a chance to stay competitive and attractive to players from Luxembourg. On the other hand, such competition benefits the players. As a result, it is advisable to use new casinos online that come up with the innovative world of gambling. Winnings you generate this way are tax-exempted and you won’t pay VAT or wealth tax either.

Luxembourg Mobile Casinos

Can you imagine your life without a cell phone? Rather not. Mobile-friendly Luxembourg Online casinos require 4 most important criteria that characterize the best mobile experience: ease of use, wide range of mobile games, low data consumption, and the good quality of special effects. Depending on the operator, it could be a chance to download an app or to use the instant-play mode where everything works inside a browser.


The Grand Duchy has a long and successful history of gambling, dating back to 1880s, when the the Casino Bourgeois started to operate in the country’s capital of the duchy. The establishment is succeeded by the famous Mondorf-based Casino “2000”. On the other side, the online market is regulated ambiguously even though Luxembourg's gambling business holds the third largest profit in the EU. Great Britain, by the way, ranks fourth. Nevertheless, foreign online casino operators can still provide gambling services without hindrance making this business flourish on a steady and successful manner.