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Exploring the great big world of online casinos, you have surely encountered free spins (FS). It’s impossible to miss them-they are advertised in the flashiest and shiniest way possible, so to attract players. And they are FREEEE…or are they? With so many attractive and inviting offers, punters are often confused, and cannot make out what will a certain promo or bonus bring them. And above all, is it really something that comes with no charges at all.

How to be sure that those free spins are indeed free?

As silly as it may sound, not all the casino spins are completely gratis, as they are followed by some requirements which need to be completed in advance. Those requirements, as you may assume, see players spending some money, which leads us to the beginning- they are not unconditionally free.

But before we completely puzzle you, CasinoHorse will answer some of the most common questions- what are free spins, why are wagering requirements so important, and how to find the best offers.

Let’s delve into free spins!

What are Free Spins? 

As the name itself says, this is the form of a bonus/promo, where punters get one, but in a majority of situations more complimentary rounds without having to pay for it.

They usually come as part of various promotions and bonuses- such as welcome bonus, the game of the month, and similar deals.

Are those the same free spins from games?

This is one of the most common doubts newbies have, but actually, the difference is very simple. The ones we are discussing here are bonuses and promos designed by casinos, while those in games are features incorporated by slot developers.

When we talk about promos, they can be utilized for various slot titles (grouped either by providers, or by theme, or some other similarities). It depends on the specific rules the operator came up with. The mentioned rules will also define the max bet per spin or max amount of paylines, in case their number is not fixed.

On the other hand, when they are part of a particular game, they are triggered by some other symbols, or appear randomly. Those in promos are available immediately.

Different Types of Free Spins 

As we mentioned, they are usually wrapped up in various deals online casinos prepare for players, but the most favorite form is definitely a welcome bonus. Once a punter makes a qualifying deposit, he/she will be awarded a portion of complimentary rotations, and sometimes bonus cash.

Do know that…

…when the amount of those gratis spins is bigger, the casino divides them into several smaller packages. For example, you get 100 spins for the “XY” slot game, and the casino divides them into five portions, meaning 20 spins per day for 5 days.

Also, they can be connected to some tournaments, daily/weekly/monthly boosts, games of the month, FS for new releases, extra spins for releases from a specific provider, and so on.

Moreover, some operators design special deals for clients of mobile phones.

But, is it always necessary to make some deposit to get those bonus rounds?

No, it isn’t, you can get them without depositing.

Enter no deposit free spins.

Passionate bonus hunters who like to joke would say that this is something as rare as hens’ teeth, but it still exists. And, it is exactly what the name states- the opportunity to receive some additional rounds without having to deposit.

At this point, you probably wonder- why, on Earth, would a casino give players something for free??

It’s their way to grab the attention of clients, give them the opportunity to test a game and, if they like the atmosphere, come back.

In terms of money, it’s not some humongous cash, but hey, it’s a freebie, and who doesn’t like free stuff?

Can These Freebies Bring Some Real Money? 

Yes, they do, but it’s not always the case. It depends on the specific rules on each individual promo.

There are several possible scenarios:

  • You can cash out all the winnings generated from FS
  • A part is withdrawable and a part remains sticky (to be used as play fund)
  • They are sticky, and can ONLY be used as play funds

What’s the Role of Wagering Requirements? 

You’ve probably been wondering all along if there’s any particular “catch” regarding free spins. Well, there is, but it’s actually an integral component of FS. At least in a majority of situations.

Sometimes written in CAPITAL LETTERS sometimes in a small print, wagering requirements represent the playthrough amount for each bonus. Let’s take an example- you get $20 from FS, and the WRs are 10X. You need to play through $200 to be able to withdraw the winnings.

Anything between 30 and 50 is considered acceptable and within the limits of average, while requirements above that are a bit difficult to achieve.

WRs, rollover demands, playthrough requirements, name them as you wish, serve to protect the casinos from bankrupting (or being overly generous). Let’s say they serve to make balance and leave both sides satisfied and adequately rewarded.

How to Claim Free Spins? 

It’s one of those simple things, you just deposit money and click claim. Or you don’t have to deposit if you have opted for no deposit bonus. Sometimes these rounds are added automatically to your account.

And that’s pretty much it!

Before clicking the “claim” button, or accepting an automatic bonus, it’s highly important to go through the rules and Terms and Conditions.

First of all…

…always choose a casino which has a good reputation among punters, and the one which causes no troubles with transactions (meaning delays, high fees, lengthy processing time, and similar).

Then, always analyse the following:

  • Wagering requirements
  • Game selection and contribution
  • Duration of the offer
  • Cashout policy (Are the funds withdrawable or sticky? Is there a max cashout?

ONLY IF you are absolutely satisfied with all these segments, you can claim the bonus and enjoy your free rounds.

Hope our guide helped you understand free spins better, so may the knowledge be with you and play responsibly!

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