Master Card Casinos

MasterCard is a brand you will see at the top of nearly every online casino’s banking options page. MasterCard represent a banking option that is favoured by online casinos and players! But also one that offers a wealth of features and benefits for all parties involved. But what makes MasterCard so unique? Why are MasterCard Casinos more common than web wallet and instant payment casinos? Should you consider using this option to move money into and out of your online casino account? These are some of the questions that we’re going to answer while passing through MasterCard casinos benefits.

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Is MasterCard Safe For Use at Online Casinos?

MasterCard is continuously seeking new ways to improve its technology and create a safer and more secure environment for all MasterCard users. MasterCard has the money, experience, and network to utilize the most advanced security features. Constant progress and upgrades enable them to stay ahead of the hacker breaches and the cyber attacks. The latest tech and professionality guarantees that MasterCard is a safe banking option for gambling as well as private use and transfers.

Even in the unlikely event that may occur, MasterCard will cover part of your losses if not complete—utilizing chargebacks, anti-fraud measures in order to give you some valuable peace of mind.

MasterCard Credit Cards vs Debit Cards

In the UK, authorities are growing increasingly concerned with the use of credit cards for online gambling. That’s why many MasterCard casinos only accept deposits and withdrawals through MasterCard debit

Credit card gambling can provide some additional fraud protection, and these cards are just as safe as debit cards. However, there is a risk of problem gambling, which is what regulators are concerned about. Still, they also charge high fees, which means a debit card is often the better choice.

MasterCard Casinos Limits and Fees

MasterCard has some massive allowances and limits, and most of their transactions are unlimited. Even the MasterCard Prepaid card has a maximum allowance of £10,000, which is a huge sum of money for cards that usually carry just a few hundred pounds!

Where MasterCard debit cards are concerned, you’re only limited by the amount of money in your bank and the casino you’re using. With MasterCard credit cards, you’re limited by your credit limit and, again, by the casino. MasterCard imposes very few additional limits, and the fees are also small.

MasterCard online casinos generally won’t charge you to make a deposit. Still, if you’re using a credit card, you will likely be hit with a cash advance fee. 

This is something that many consumers don’t consider because they assume these fees are only charged for actual cash withdrawals. But that’s not the case, and you could be charged a percentage or fixed fee every time you deposit, while also being charged interest on that fee (even if you clear your balance at the end of the month).

What’s more, many online casinos will charge you money to make a withdrawal to a MasterCard credit card, and this fee is generally around 3%. They charge this fee because they are charged by the provider to make this transfer, so they pass those fees onto the user.

There are no minimum deposit limits set by MasterCard, and you can use your card to deposit as little as a few pence if required. However, there are limits imposed by the casinos, and these are generally fixed at between £5 and £20. These limits are there to cover the transaction fees that all merchants are required to pay when accepting MasterCard transactions.

MasterCard Features and Benefits

MasterCard casinos provide you with all of the following features and benefits when using MasterCard debit and credit cards to gamble:

  • Secure: Networks like MasterCard utilise the most advanced security networks in the world, keeping every single transaction safe and ensuring that your money remains protected at all times. Lenders track purchases and spending habits and use geo-location tools, in addition to advanced encryption technology, to keep every account and transaction safe.
  • Accessibility: PayPal is offered by roughly half of all online European casinos and a much smaller percentage of Asian and American casinos. Skrill and Neteller are offered on a higher percentage of sites. With MasterCard, you rarely have to worry about it being accepted as it’s offered on all UK licensed online casinos and pretty much all legitimate gambling sites the world over.
  • No-Fees (Debit): You should never be charged a fee to use a MasterCard debit card, and this is true from both sides (lender and merchant) and for both deposits and withdrawals. The same can’t be said for credit cards, and you may be hit with fees here, but you can avoid these by sticking with debit cards.
  • Chargeback: All credit cards have a chargeback service, which allows you to make a claim if a company doesn’t deliver the promised product or service. However, MasterCard goes above and beyond with this service and initiates more chargebacks than any other provider. If a casino suspends your account and withholds your funds without reason or you suspect you have been scammed, this feature can help you get your money back. 
  • Anti-Fraud (Credit): All MasterCard cards have fraud protection, including debit cards. However, the most advanced fraud protection measures come from credit cards. In addition to the security features outlined above, MasterCard promises to return all lost funds to users who have been the victims of a scam. They will give you your funds back, no questions asked, and provide you with a new card and number so you can destroy the old one.
  • Rewards (Credit): Depending on the type of MasterCard credit card you have; you may be part of a rewards scheme. This can turn regular purchases and payments into reward points, which, in turn, can be converted into prizes or cash. Don’t get your hopes up, however, as these rewards are rarely offered for online gambling transactions.

Summary: MasterCard for Online Casinos

MasterCard Casinos are some of the safest and cheapest ways to gamble online, offering fast and easy access to the best slots, table games, and more. It’s no wonder that these cards are accepted at so many online casinos and favoured by a considerable number of players.

Grab your MasterCard and prepare to make a deposit today, and if you don’t have one, now is an excellent time to apply!