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What are Online Slot Reviews?

Every month, dozens of new slots are released, with big developers, fringe developers, and brand-new developers all getting involved. During specific seasons, such as Halloween and Christmas, the number of new releases increases further, and these releases are increasing every year as the industry continues to experience exponential growth. 

As little as ten years ago, the average online casino worked with just one developer and had fewer than 400 slots to choose from. Today, thanks to increased player demand, cheaper servers, and a greater variety of providers, many casinos have over 3,000 slots provided by dozens of developers. 

Players are spoilt for choice! We are here to help slot fans find the best new real-money slot releases every month. We sort the wheat from the chaff; we play the games you don’t want to play and the games you can’t wait to play, and we tell you which is which. If there is anything noteworthy happening in the iGaming industry, from a ground-breaking slot release to a new developer, series, or progressive jackpot, you can read about it here.

What do Slot Reviews Include?

Casino Horse slot reviews span all the essential information needed to determine if a slot is worth playing. It will cover elements such as:


In the old days, slots were very basic and incredibly limited. They used three reels, and one payline, and were filled with simple fruit symbols. As time moved on, slots became more advanced, but for the most part, these underlying themes remained. 

In the online age, this changed utterly, and modern casino slots use more reels, many more paylines, and a host of different themes. A useful slot review will consider how immersive this theme is and whether or not it works in the context of the game.

 Does the theme tell a story, does it have atmospheric music, is it entertaining, or does it simply throw some basic animations and a repetitive soundtrack at the player and hope for the best?

Game Mechanics

The mechanics are the backbone of a slot machine and, therefore, are incredibly important in creating a slot review. They govern how the slot plays and cover aspects such as the fluidity of the reels, as well as the following base game features: Chain Reaction: The Chain Reaction feature has been utilized on a host of slots, including everything from Gonzo’s Quest (NetEnt) to Football Star (Microgaming). 

It goes by several different names, including Avalanche and Rolling Reels, but the general idea is the same. When a player lands a winning pay line, the symbols in that line will disappear, and other symbols will fall into empty spaces. If another winning payline forms, the process will repeat, and in some cases, a multiplier will build with every win. Megaways: Created by Big Time Gaming and used on slots like Bonanza Megaways, this feature adds thousands of possible paylines to every spin. 

When the “Spin” button is pressed, a random number generator will activate to determine how many paylines are created, and this can range from a few dozen up to nearly 120,000! Instant Wins: An instant win awards players a random sum of money when a specific symbol (or symbols) is activated. It can also occur entirely at random and irrespective of the base game outcome.


The majority of players use online slots for their features, so these are vital considerations for real money slot reviews. Slot machine features are typically activated by the bonus symbol or scatter symbol. Still, they can also be triggered at random during any spin. 

They include selection features. Sometimes players must click items on the screen to unlock cash sums; free spins, which trigger a specific number of free games, and progressive jackpots. To give you an idea of what sort of features you can expect, take a look at the following games, all of which are typically highlighted for their unique and devoted approach to slot features: Ruby Slippers: A Wizard of Oz slot created by WMS (now owned by SG), Ruby Slippers is a bonus bonanza. 

It has a randomly activated “What’s Happening” wild reel feature and it also has three main features. What makes these features unique is that they each have multiple mechanics that are determined by how many bonus symbols the player activates when unlocking the feature. South Park: Created by NetEnt, the South Park slot is sharp-witted and smartly designed. It follows the famous four boys from the titular town, and it has many features, including one for each of the boys.

What’s great about these features is that they are all completely unique and are closely related to the characters on which they are based, from a Kyle feature, where the goal is to “kick the baby”, to a Kenny feature, where the goal is to cross the road and stay alive! Gonzo’s Quest: Although there is only one feature here (a free spins round) this NetEnt classic proves that a lot can be done with very little. It is a beautifully designed game that follows a humorous story, has fantastic graphics, and uses NetEnt’s Avalanche feature. 

In offering players all these additional extras, the free spins feature becomes a welcome addition, as opposed to the only reason to play. The Goonies: A perfect example of Blueprint Gaming’s brilliance, The Goonies uses a format that this British developer has used on other slots. 

Once the bonus feature is activated, players will be asked to spin a wheel, and depending on where this wheel stops, they will trigger one of several features. If they don’t like the one they have, they can “gamble” to try and win a better bonus. The race to create the next big award-winning slot has led to a massive improvement in slot bonus features over the last few years. At Casino Horse, our reviewers are working hard to keep up with them.


Ultimately, the way the game looks and plays means very little if the payouts are poor. Slots are not like video games. The average player doesn’t spin the reels because they’re trying to collect achievements or make it to the end. While it is an enjoyable experience enjoyment is not the main focus. 

Slots are about winning money, and that’s why slot reviews always look at the payout. Known as the Return to Player (RTP), a slot’s payout is a fixed percentage that tells the player how much they can expect to receive (on average) for every £100 they wager. For instance, a 98% RTP means they can expect an average payout of £98 for a bet of £100. Of course, these averages are created over millions of plays by thousands of players. 

You could spend £100 and win nothing; you could spend £100 and win £1 million. The RTP is there to give you an idea of how one game’s payouts compare to another and not to give you precise information regarding your future payout.

Playing Free Slots

While most punters are eager to play slots for real money and test their mettle against the casino, many are happy to play slots for free. Free play slots can help you to get accustomed to these games, to acclimatize yourself to the act of online slot gambling, and to learn about specific rules and features. 

It’s an absurd prospect to die-hard gamblers who only think about money. Still, it makes sense when you consider that “fake” slot machine apps, where players spin with fake coins to win fake coins (and, in some cases, spend money on in-app purchases) often linger near the top of app store charts. 

But if you want to play slots for free, you don’t need to limit yourself to these mobile app imitations. Instead, you can choose from the many thousands of real money slots found in our slots lobby, with the only difference being that you won’t play for real money. The progressive jackpots will be deactivated. Noteworthy is that the features and mechanics will remain, allowing you to explore the games in full and to play as many free online slots as you want.

Where Can You Find Free Slots?

Our slot database is growing daily. You will find almost every available video slot ready for free play! Try any slot for free before you deposit at the casino. Also, most online casinos have free slots. These slots are available for all members and can be played whether you have money in your account or not. 

When you play, you will be given a bunch of free credits, and you can use these just like you would use real money. You won’t win anything, but you won’t lose anything either, and as soon as you’re ready to make the switch to real money play, you’re only a click away. 

Free play slots are not as common in UK online casinos as they once were, and many big brands have turned their backs on them, only offering them to non-UK players. But if you can’t find the games you’re looking for on your chosen casino, you can go directly to the developer’s website.

Frustratingly, you may be asked to confirm your identity before you play these games. Which is annoying, to say the least, but that’s not true in all cases, so keep looking if you come up against verification roadblocks. After all, very few players are willing to submit ID and go through multiple checks so that they can take a few free spins on a free slot machine!

Demo Play vs Real Money Slots

One of the many urban myths concerning online gambling suggests that free-play slots have a higher RTP than real money slots. The idea is that they “hook” you with big wins and this encourages you to start playing for real money, after which the payout drops and the house edge increases. 

But this is simply not the case. Online slots follow rigorous auditing and regulatory practices to ensure they are 100% safe, fair, and honest at all times. Even if the developer wanted to tweak things in their favor, they couldn’t. 

The great thing about free play slots is that they work exactly like the real money varieties. They have the same features and game mechanics; the same illustrations, animations, and sound. The only difference is that players are not asked to risk any real money. That makes demo play slots an excellent tool for slot reviewers and players on a limited budget.

Summary: Slot Reviews and More at Casino Horse

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