Mobile Casinos

Explore list of the best mobile casinos and find perfect pay with mobile casino. Through our guide you will find what makes the best mobile casino, what are the best mobile deposit options and games as well as can you make deposit by phone bill while gambling online.

Mobile casinos expansion started at the beginning of 2012 and today they are by far more popular than desktop ones. According to latest research more than 71% of active casino players around the world accessing online casinos through their mobile devices, this information clearly states popularity of mobile casinos. Because of increased popularity of playing online slots on mobile phones, forward-thinking enthusiasts working in the gambling industry thought of the best possible solution- mobile casino sites. Their number is growing at the speed of light, so it becomes more and more challenging to pick the right one. What do players need to have in mind when looking for top mobile casinos?

Among the most significant factors is optimisation for various operating systems and types of devices. If an operator is truly serious about reaching as a wider spectrum of the audience as possible, then great cross-platform optimisation is a must, not just a matter of choice. If you are curious to hear more about what it takes to be listed among the best mobile casinos, this is the right place for you, as we did an interesting analysis. Keep reading!

Why is Optimisation for Mobile so Important? 

Before we get down to some cool tips which would help you find the most suitable online casino sites for mobile devices, let’s discuss a bit this whole phenomenon. Come to think of why portable platforms became so popular the answer is simple- we want to have everything by our side, right here and right now.

So, the people working in the gambling industry recognised this trend, or it’s better to say, our reality and decided to optimise platforms for portable gadgets. When online casinos came into being, the expansion was rapid, the least to say. You can only imagine all the thrill and excitement when mobile casinos appeared on stage.

In order to make it possible for players so play favourite games regardless of the time and place, operators pay special attention to this segment. Needless to say that poorly arranged sites, the difficult ones to navigate, those with long loading time quickly become invisible.

You have to admit that casinos have quite a challenging task. But if they fulfil it perfectly, well, in return, they will have more players coming and returning, and of course, more profit.

Who Pioneered the Whole Thing? 

The very first online game for mobile phones was presented in 1997, with the appearance of a portable gadget itself. It was preinstalled content.

But it was in the early 2000s when some significant changes took place. When Wireless Application Protocol (WAP) games appeared, it gave punters the possibility to purchase or download additional content for their phones.

As for the iGaming, it was Microgaming and Playtech, two most renowned veterans of content development that introduced this to gamblers. It happened in 2004 when these companies developed their own platforms. In 2007 the iPhone was presented, and the very next year Google launched Android, and since that, the mobile market simply exploded.

Instant Play VS Downloadable Casino App- Pros and Cons

On top of all the above-mentioned, this is one more segment to take into account. Each comes with its own pros and cons, but both are good. The only difference is what YOU as a consumer prefer. Some people don’t like having their phones crowded with versatile apps. Some prefer it because they believe the app provides a smoother experience than when played directly in the browser.

Instant play, as the name indicates, is a faster way to launch your favourite game. Provided that the internet connection is reliable, the entertainment is just several clicks away.

But, knowing that a majority of websites are optimised for Apple and Android, Windows users ended up with a slightly poorer selection of games. Sometimes it’s the complete collection of releases that’s available on the computer, but in some cases, it’s only a couple of titles that can be activated on a portable gadget.

As for the app, they are, again, mainly designed for iOS and Android (more for Android, as we’ve noticed), but a great thing is that they are mainly free. The downside? App development can be a bit expensive, so operators with limited budgets won’t offer it.

Tips to Find the Hottest Mobile Operators 

Having in mind that a huge share of traffic comes from mobile users, it doesn’t come as a surprise that the popularity is in constant growth, and that puts quite a challenge before players, because they have so much choice, and can be in doubt which one to pick. Luckily we came up with these convenient tips to help punters make up their mind.

Here’s what qualifies a brand among top mobile casinos and what YOU as a player should demand:

  • Optimisation for multiple platforms

Apple, Android, Windows, Blueberry, Safari, and the list goes on, and when you add smartphones, desktop computers, and tablets to this whole mess, well, you get the point- the number of combos is impressive. But a casino which sticks to itself should have all these options supported, in order to attract a vast number of consumers.

  • User-friendly interface

You want to spin a bit during your lunch break, you take your mobile phone, open your favourite casino, but it looks like you have walked into the unknown. And, you are naturally confused, as it works just fine on your desktop- it’s like a parallel universe. Except it’s not, it’s called a poorly optimised mobile page. If a site looks too messy on portable gadgets, punters simply won’t bother, they will go looking for something less outdated.

  • Selection of games

When accessed on computers, the majority of online casinos offer tons and tons of games, but as a mobile version, the offering is drastically diminished. That’s not the way to go, the entire catalog needs to be featured and available in both versions so that players wouldn’t end up disappointed. If you are slots lover you need to check list of the best mobile slots, play some for free and save your favourites. Because, you will agree that- a disappointed player is not the one who will stay in such casino and place a deposit, he/she won’t waste the precious time and money.

  • Free play

The number of casinos offering demo mode on the desktop is quite decent, but for some reason, this possibility is not always available on mobile phones. This is a pity, as mobile consumers should be given equal opportunities. That’s why operators which do offer this option quickly end up among the best mobile casinos.

  • Payment options for mobile clients

Finally, there’s a fine number of banking methods dedicated to mobile users who like to gamble in real money mode like PayPal and Trustly. It’s the fastest and most convenient way for them to place deposits and even withdraw their winnings. It’s not among the determining factors, that’s for sure, but, it’s a plus.

All in all you as a player have all the rights to demand the best for yourself, and brands that appreciate punters, and want to provide ultimate gaming experience will do their finest to attract you.