Best Online Casinos Accepting Sofort in 2023

Sofort, which may also be known as “Pay Now”, depending on your location, is offered to consumers in several European countries, including Germany, Switzerland, the Netherlands, and Belgium. It is a “real-time bank transfer” service that is available across multiple industries, with growing popularity in the online gambling sector due to its speed, accessibility, and ease-of-use. Keep reading to learn more about this revolutionary payment service and to discover how to play on the best Sofort casinos in Europe.

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Top 5 Sofort Casinos of June 2023

Online Casino Sofort Accepted
1. LeoVegas Casino
✅ Yes
2. Betsson Casino ✅ Yes
3. Mr Green Casino ✅ Yes
4. Casumo Casino ✅ Yes
5. Unibet Casino ✅ Yes

About Sofort

Sofort is an instant banking payment method owned by Klarna, a Swedish financial services company best known for its “buy now; pay later” service, which is currently making a lot of headlines across Europe. Sofort casinos are among safest at online gambling industry. By using Sofort as banking method at online casinos you are securing one of the fastest deposits and withdrawals, it is major benefit of Sofort banking. We made trusted Sofort casino list, use exclusive bonuses and find perfect Sofort casino to play!

Depositing at Sofort Casinos

Making a deposit using Sofort couldn’t be easier and it’s possible for customers across Switzerland, Germany, Austria, Poland, Italy, Spain, the Netherlands, and Belgium. Firstly, you need to have online banking, a service provided by most modern banks that allows you to view your balance in real-time while also checking statements, sending payments, and transferring money. If those metaphorical boxes are ticked, then you just need to find a suitable online casino. Many modern online casinos accept Sofort. It’s not as popular as other online payment services, but it doesn’t require a great deal of effort or cost on behalf of the casino so they are generally more than happy to facilitate it. After joining the casino, visit the Cashier, find “Sofort” in the list of payment options, and select it. You need to enter your deposit amount and you will be taken to the Sofort website. From here, simply select your bank from the list, enter your bank details, and then wait for them to send you an activation number, known as a TAN. This is sent to your registered mobile device and needs to be entered before you can continue. Once you hit “Next”, you will be redirected to the online casino and the money will be waiting in your casino account. It’s as simple as that, and that simplicity is why this service has grown immensely over the last few years, expanding into more countries, embracing a wider customer base, and adopting thousands of merchant sites.

Withdrawing at Sofort Casinos

Sofort was not traditionally used for withdrawals. Its original purpose was to facilitate payments between a consumer and a merchant, and these only go one way. However, since Sofort has become increasingly common in the online casino industry, with dozens of major Sofort casinos operating in Northern Europe, it’s now commonly used as a withdrawal method. The process is pretty much the same, only this time the casino is the one sending you money. Your funds should reach your account in just a few minutes, but in some cases, you may need to wait a little longer. If Sofort is not accepted as a withdrawal option, simply look for another bank transfer service that allows you to experience the same benefits, including Trustly, GiroPay, and iDEAL, all three of which focus on Northern European countries.

Sofort Casinos Limits and Fees

There are no limits built into Sofort itself. However, you may be limited by the casino and by your bank. In the case of the former, the limits tend to be pretty ambiguous for deposits and they will likely be more than happy to increase these if you are a high roller. However, many modern online casinos are very restrictive when it comes to withdrawals, often capping them at just £5,000 to £10,000 a month, so pay close attention to these limits before you withdraw. The same is true for fees—they are not charged by Sofort but may be levied by your bank or by the casino. When fees are charged, they tend to be for withdrawals, as casinos like to encourage deposits but discourage withdrawals. Casinos are also charged for adding Sofort payments to their site, with the provider taking 0.9% of each transaction amount and an additional €0.25 per transaction. They may choose to pass these fees onto you, but that isn’t always the case as casinos are hit with charges for pretty much all payment methods they accept and they usually avoid passing these onto the customer.

Sofort Verification and Customer Support

Sofort doesn’t require verification, at least not in the same way that you need to verify a PayPal or Skrill account. You won’t be asked for a photographic ID and you don’t need to jump through multiple hoops as you submit data, get knocked back because something is cropped or out of focus, and then repeat the process all over again. Providing you have online banking and verify this using the TAN code, then you’re good to go. This quick verification is one of the reasons Sofort has become so popular and why it has overtaken many common web wallets in recent years. Of course, the casino may require you to submit those documents so there may still be obstacles to clear and issues to face, but at least you won’t get it from both sides. Finally, it’s worth noting that Sofort has a very respectable and dedicated customer support team. You can reach them by email or by phone, and there are multiple departments to contact. Unsurprisingly, it’s much easier to find contact details for the sales team tasked with handling merchant requests, but customer support options do exist for individual users as well.

Summary: Sofort for Online Casinos

Sofort is a modern, high-tech, streamlined payment service that fits the gambling mod perfectly. It was designed for the retail sector, not online gambling, but many of the same principles apply for it as well. Online gamblers don’t want to waste time browsing through endless pages and answering countless questions, they don’t want to wait days for their payments to process or be required to submit all kinds of personal documents. Sofort asks for none of this, but at the same time, it doesn’t jeopardize security, safety, or quality when providing players with the benefits they seek.

Sofort FAQ's

Sofort is a popular online payment method that allows users to make secure and instant transactions directly from their bank account.

When making a payment at an online casino, users select Sofort as their preferred payment method. They are then redirected to the Sofort payment page, where they log in to their bank account and authorize the transaction. The funds are transferred directly from the user's bank account to the casino, ensuring a quick and secure payment process.

Yes, Sofort transactions are highly secure. The payment process is encrypted, and users authenticate themselves using their online banking login details, ensuring the confidentiality and security of their personal and financial information.

The fees associated with using Sofort may vary depending on the online casino and the user's bank. It is advisable to check the terms and conditions or contact customer support for detailed information on any potential fees.

While Sofort is primarily used for making deposits, some online casinos may also offer Sofort as a withdrawal method. It is recommended to check the casino's banking options or contact customer support for information on withdrawal methods.

Transaction limits may vary depending on the online casino and the user's bank. It is important to review the terms and conditions or contact customer support for specific details regarding transaction limits.

Sofort is widely accepted at many online casinos, but its availability may vary depending on the casino. It is recommended to check the casino's banking options or contact customer support to confirm if Sofort is accepted.

Yes, there are other online payment methods similar to Sofort, such as Trustly, Giropay, and iDEAL. These methods also allow for secure and convenient online transactions directly from the user's bank account.