Trustly Casinos

Trustly was launched in 2008 and has since become a common feature on countless online casinos all over the world. Based in Sweden and initially created with an emphasis on the Scandinavian market. Trustly casinos are now accessible to players across Europe, working with banks in 29 European countries, including Poland, Spain, Malta, Italy, and Norway. Trustly is not a web wallet service like PayPal and Skrill; it works more like an instant payment service like Interac, albeit one that is focused on European especially Swedish casino market. Play the best Trustly casinos from the list.

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Trustly Casinos: Deposits

To deposit with Trustly at casinos, you don’t need to sign up for an account or jump through all kinds of hoops with regards to verification. Just visit a casino from our Trustly casino list, select this option from the Cashier, find your bank, and make an instant deposit (and withdrawal).

You will need online banking for this to work and your bank also needs to be on the list, but with over 100 banks operating in 29 countries, there’s a good chance you’ll find your account here.

Trustly essentially works like an instant bank transfer service, only there is no need to wire or transfer money the traditional way, you won’t be hit with high fees, and everything is processed for you by Trustly.

If your bank account isn’t on the list or you’d rather not use it, don’t worry, as Trustly also facilitates payments through PayPal. In such cases, it’s often easier just to use PayPal and there are few benefits (if any) to using Trustly. However, the option is there is you need it.

Trustly Casinos: Withdrawals

Receiving money via Trustly is just as easy as sending it. As long as your bank is on the list and you have online banking, you can initiate a withdrawal and transfer your money into your account.

If you deposit using Trustly and your chosen casino accepts Trustly as a withdrawal method, you may be forced to withdraw using this method as well. This is an anti-fraud and money-laundering requirement that you’ll find on many casinos. If Trustly isn’t available for withdrawals, however, you’ll have to select something else, such as a bank transfer or debit card.

Trustly Casino Limits and Fees

There may be limits imposed on Trustly transfers, but these are not set by Trustly and are instead fixed by your bank or your chosen online casino. The same is true for fees—these are rarely enforced by casinos and never by Trustly, but they may be levied by your bank.

You can see the deposit limits and fees on the casino’s Cashier and you can contact your bank to learn about any fees they charge.

If you can’t find your bank on the list, it means that Trustly is not yet available to you. Don’t worry, though, as more banks are being added to the list all of the time and if you check back later yours might be included.

Benefits of using Trustly at Online Casinos

There are several core benefits of Trustly, all of which make this a viable option for consumers seeking a trustworthy payment method:

  • Instant: Although it essentially relies on bank transfers that are notorious for being a little slow, all Trustly payments are instant. Your money will be in your casino account within minutes and ready to spend as you see fit.
  • Secure: By combining its own advanced security methods with the state-of-the-art systems offered by major banks, Trustly is one of the safest payment services available.
  • Integration: Trustly integrates verification systems like Know your Customer to create a streamlined process for the consumer, one that negates the need for additional steps that may waste valuable minutes of your time.
  • Withdrawals: Most casinos that have Trustly as a deposit option also accept it for withdrawals, and these can be just as quick and easy. There are other options that will give your money as quickly as this, but generally, they will process your money to a third-party web wallet and not directly to your bank account.
  • Trusted: This service is trusted by millions of players and thousands of online gambling sites. Every month there are 9 million payments processed through the Trustly platform.

Trustly Casino Verification and Customer Support

You don’t need to verify Trustly using photo ID or anything of the sort. In fact, as discussed above, you don’t even need a Trustly account as it doesn’t work like other payment services. However, you will be asked to verify your details on your chosen casino, in which case you may need to send a photographic ID, a utility bill, and proof of payment, the latter of which typically includes a bank statement or scan of your debit card.

Customer support on Trustly is also unnecessary, as you should encounter very few issues due to their minimal involvement, and the actual transfer process is straightforward. In the unlikely event that you do have an issue, you can contact Trustly customer support via a dedicated link on their website.

In the first instance, this link will divert you to FAQs and extensive guides, all of which can provide the information you need. If this isn’t quite what you’re looking for, you can send them further information through a contact form or phone them at +44 20 3917 4826.

If the issue concerns a failed payment, it’s best to use the contact form and send all details (account name, email, amount, transfer date, reference number) in the same message, as they won’t discuss account and payment related issues over the phone.

Trustly also has a dedicated complaints department, following the guidelines set by the Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority.

Summary: Trustly for Online Casinos

Trustly may feel like a relative newcomer, especially when compared to the likes of PayPal and Skrill. But while it might not feel like it, Trustly has been around for over a dozen years at this point and it has expanded from a relatively unknown Swedish payment provider to a hugely respected service used in nearly 30 countries across Europe.

To benefit from fast and secure transactions on the best European casinos, try Trustly today.