Viking Slots

Viking themed slots are very popular among players. Play the best Norse themed slots from our list for free!

Interesting fact is that Vikings were the first Europeans to settle footprint on the American ground. This Norse explores represented as traders and warriors are very old and interesting seafaring people as well as the viking slots are! Among the viking warriors you will be introduced to the Norse mythology gods as well.

For example, the God of Thunder stars a crossover between Norse and a Greek theme. By playing game '2 Gods Zeus vs Thor' you will experience Dual Spins, Win Spins, Win Multiplier, and more while the furious battle of the gods is on. What’s even better about this game genre is that certain software providers, led by Yggdrasil have 'specialised' in creation of Viking and Norse Mythology themed slots and offer visually stunning titles that look like an action or arcade game, just with a bigger prize pool.