TV and Film Slots

TV and Movie themed slots represent 'game haven' for film lovers. Explore games based on the most popular TV shows and movies around the globe, from Universal Pictures  and Hollywood hits all the way to Netflix Originals.

Movie themed slots based on popular films and TV shows started to evolve a bit later than others, the reason is that game providers must sign agreements with production studios or actors that starred a movie on which the slot machine will be based on. When all legal proceedings are over, players can enjoy movie and TV stars on a smaller screen bringing different kind of entertainment. Whether you are Terminator’s fan or simply love watching Ross and Rachel getting together in the Friends slot, this is a niche that satisfies even the most demanding customers.

Movie Slots Licenses and Legal Procedure

To make slot game based on a popular film or TV show, you can't just take the movie name with characters(actors) and transform them in to slot symbols and background of the game. Game provider need to acquire adequate rights from the movie owners for using the name, graphics and other assets that are protected under trademark or usage rights agreement. Otherwise providers may be fined for illicit use of private property for the purpose of making money. From the gambling authority side it may result in loos of the license for legal creation and distribution of casino games. Acquiring this type of rights can be very expensive and long procedure, that is the main reason why there are not TV and Movie based slots that pops out everyday form many providers, actually only well established providers like NetEnt and Microgaming can afford making this type of games.