Apple Pay Casinos

Apple Pay is Apple’s answer to payment services like PayPal, Skrill, and Neteller. This service is supported by most Apple devices and makes it easy to deposit money, make purchases, and more.

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The beauty of Apple Pay is that it can replace a credit and debit card, you don’t need specific Apple Pay terminals for it to work, and it is available in dozens of countries, with more being added all of the time. If you’re new to Apple Pay, the best way to think of it is to imagine it as a cross between a credit card and a PayPal account.

It’s unique, to say the least. Still, many also consider Apple Pay to be the future of online and offline payment methods.

Depositing at Apple Pay Casinos

Apple Pay primarily works as an intermediary between your bank and the online casino. It is an all-in-one payment service that lets you pay using your device online and offline, but for this to work, you need an existing bank account and/or card. Contrary to what some users seem to believe, Apple Pay does not tap into your phone’s balance, nor does it use the balance that you have accumulated on iTunes. It is an entirely separate service.

To use Apple Pay at online casinos, you first need to reside in one of the qualifying countries, which include the United Kingdom, United States, Ireland, Isle of Man, Spain, Sweden, New Zealand, and over a dozen others. You also need to use an Apple device with the latest iOS update.

If you have the latest iOS, then you should already have the Apple Pay app. Find it on your device, open it, and add your card details. It will guide you through a secure and straightforward interface that allows you to add your card in just a few minutes. This process will then be verified by your bank, after which it’s ready to go.

The final step is to find an online casino that accepts Apple Pay, as simple as that. Look for the Apple logo on the Cashier page, select it, choose your amount, and then make your deposit. You will be asked to verify your transaction using your Apple ID, and may be required to enter a password or confirm with Touch ID or Face ID on newer iPhones.

Withdrawing at Apple Pay Casinos

As things stand, you cannot withdraw money using Apple Pay. This is one of the few drawbacks of this service, and it will be a deal-breaker for many players. It’s also one of the reasons some players are refusing to adopt it as a payment method, choosing instead to opt for services that offer both deposits and withdrawals, such as Skrill, Neteller, and PayPal. Of course, many online casinos require you to withdraw via the same method that you used to deposit, but this doesn’t apply where Apple Pay is concerned. If you use Apple Pay to deposit, you will be given several options to choose from when it comes time to withdraw. You can literally take your pick of payment methods at this time, opting for the security and convenience of debit cards or the speed of web wallets.

Apple Pay Casino Fees

Apple Pay is free to use, but you may be charged fees by your bank or by the online casino. You may also be hit with fees for using an alternative withdrawal method. You would rarely encounter any such issues, however, If you want to minimise fees, we recommend using debit cards for withdrawals and checking the casino’s terms and conditions for any hidden deposit charges.

Apple Pay Security

Apple Pay is essentially a bridge between your bank and your device. It eliminates the middleman (your cards) and allows you to pay using your phone and your Apple ID login. To keep every transaction safe, Apple Pay applies a unique, encrypted transaction code. It requires you to go through two-factor authentication.

This means that even if your device is lost or stolen, your details should remain safe as the hacker will be unable to break through the layers of security and will not be given access to your sensitive data even if they do. To be extra secure, however, we recommend installing a Remote Wipe, which will delete all of the data on your phone if it ever falls into the wrong hands.

Apple Pay Verification and Customer Support

Unlike Neteller, PayPal, and other payment services, Apple Pay does not require an extensive verification process because its only goal is to establish that you are the account holder and to connect your Apple ID to your bank account. 

However, there is a chance that your bank will not support this feature, or they will take a long time to confirm the connection so that an extended wait may be due.

As far as customer support is concerned, Apple has some of the best in the business. As is the case with all multinational companies, it can be a little hard to reach them at times. You may have to jump through a few hoops, but once you get a real person on the end of the phone or email, then any issue you have should be dealt with promptly.

Apple’s support is next to none. It is always willing to go above and beyond the call of duty, even if it doesn’t always get things right with regards to releases, bug fixes, and pricing, and this is one of the reasons it has grown into a technological powerhouse.

Summary: Apple Pay for Online Casinos

Apple Pay was launched in 2014 and positioned as an alternative to credit cards and debit cards. One that allowed shoppers to make purchases using just their phones or supported Apple devices. However, its benefits were quickly realised by other providers, and it soon rolled out onto many online casinos, with an abundance of big brands jumping on the bandwagon in the last few years and many ApplePay casinos are created.

To become part of this new wave of payment service, join Apple Pay today. If you already have this service on your device, then it’s time to start using it to deposit money into your favourite Apple Pay casinos, benefiting from the speed and unbeatable security that it provides.