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About New Casinos

New online casinos are constantly added to the list! Players can expect new casino sites to come online every month, and launches sometimes take place every week. Stay tuned and visit us regularly if you are interested in the best new casino operators.

Play New Online Casinos Wisely

In the modern world, we always tend to think that newer equals better. But is that always true with the online gambling scene?

As you'll see when you browse the our casino listings, new online casinos appear all the time. Each one is seeking to maximise its audience and seduce gamblers, and each one wants you to believe that it offers something revolutionary and new. If you want to know whether brand new online casinos really measure up, our reviews are the place to look.

The UK Gambling Commission currently regulates just over 1,000 online casinos and betting sites, and new operators appear in the listings every month. Some of these new casino sites will blaze brightly before fading away. But others will find a niche that suits particular games, while some might offer features for specific groups like cryptocurrency users. And as VR becomes more common, we can expect a few specialists to offer VR-only gaming.

However, with so many new operators vying for attention, it can be hard to decide which sites to trust, and which ones to avoid. Sometimes, players will have a better experience signing up with established operators like William Hill or Betway. But often newer contenders can be just as fun to play – and even more generous with bonuses.

This confusion makes it essential to consult a reliable source of information before trying new casinos. And that's where we enter the frame. Our experts rate new gambling sites as soon as they are launched (and sometimes before they go live). By testing security, user experience, choice of games, payouts, and customer service, we can offer detailed verdicts to guide gamblers to the very best sites.

Additionally, readers can check out feedback and ratings from their fellow players, because who can tell you more about the gaming experience than somebody who has tried and tested it for themselves? Brand new online casinos may have few ratings, but within a week or two, players deliver their own opinions. Sometimes, they can be the difference between sinking or swimming for new casinos, and they always make for an interesting read.

We strongly recommend that you read both our expert reviews, user feedback, and player ratings before trying a new casino. That way, you can instantly see if new online casinos have started strongly and impressed your fellow players, or if their efforts have met with a negative response.

If you're keen to get started, check out our listings right away. But before you browse the listings or try a new casino, stay with us for a while as we explore how new online casinos work, and what they have to offer. As we'll see, there's more to say about new casinos. And the more you know, the easier it will be to find the ideal place to wager your cash.

Main Advantages Offered by New Online Casino Sites

The first question that springs to mind is pretty simple: why do we focus on new casinos, and what makes them different to established operators? There are a few reasons to set aside newer gambling sites, and it's important to know them as you sample the latest slots and table games.

Most importantly, brand new online casinos tend to hit the ground running with lavish bonuses for new sign-ups. Almost all online casinos offer some incentives to create an account. However, newer companies are often desperate for members and go much further than bigger names. Many offer no deposit bonuses that let you cash out without any issues, while others run exclusive competitions for their members. If you've used a few mainstream casinos for years and are tired of their predictable, stingy bonuses, you may find that new online casinos are more lucrative. You may need to spend a bit of time creating new accounts, but the bonuses at the end can be advantageous indeed.

Technology is another reason to check out the latest casinos. Smartphones are always improving, adding higher resolution screens and new features. These features can be harnessed by digital casinos, enhancing the user experience in the process. For instance, voice activation is becoming more sophisticated by the day. It can easily be worked into online poker or roulette apps. So members of newer casinos can expect technical innovations that aren't available elsewhere.

Smaller companies may also have an incentive to treat new sign-ups well. If they want to nurture a loyal following, they have to provide attentive customer service, offer generous bonuses, and generally stay in touch with players in a way that larger casinos often don't. We try to test out how well casinos perform in the customer service department, putting their email and web chats through their paces. We usually find that the best new gambling sites do try their hardest to keep customers happy.

Finally, newer online casinos will often feature the latest games – and may well be keener to use lesser-known developers. While established casinos can become set in their ways, younger competitors can outflank them with more exciting slots and slicker table games. That's just how the market works. So you can generally expect something slightly different or something you've not seen before when you try new online casinos.

All of these factors make new online casinos attractive. But they aren't guaranteed. We will let you know how every new casino performs, and whether they are an up and coming site to track, or whether they are destined to fail.

How Often are New Casinos Launched?

While there are around 150 bricks and mortar casinos in the UK, the number of new casinos in the digital world is constantly expanding. As of mid-2020, the UK's Gambling Commission recorded 762 active licenses for remote gaming. 

In many cases, these launches are glamorous events that showcase innovations completely. For example, 2020 has seen some innovative crypto-focused casinos entering the battle. Fresh operators like Ahti Games, Yeti Casino, and Energy Casino have all come to the party, providing easy ways for cryptocurrency users to place their bets.

In other cases, new casinos have been created by established brands to fit a specific niche. For example, LeoVegas recently launched, specializing in delivering a live casino service, complete with human dealers and an immersive blackjack or roulette playing environment.

Then there are new gambling sites which cater to fans of particular gaming platforms. Sites like Party Casino or CasiPlay have recently appeared, providing a wide range of Real Time Gaming slots and table games. And new NetEnt specialists hit the market on a monthly basis.

With so much change occurring in the online gambling sector, keeping up with developments can be difficult, even for experienced players. Casinos which seem to be a fixture on the scene can disappear overnight. At the same time, incredible new companies can emerge from left-field without any warning. Fortunately, Casino Horse has the solution.

We are always checking licenses and product launches to ensure that the newest online casinos appear on our database. If a mobile or desktop casino launches in the UK, you'll find an in-depth listing within days, providing everything you need to know before creating an account.

We'll make it clear who is behind new casino sites, and how they fit into the UK's gambling market. Our reviewers will highlight exactly what makes a new casino exciting and whether it genuinely offers something new for players to experience. And we'll let you know whether the casino is a new start-up or a rebrand from an established company. No details escape our team when new online casinos hit the scene, and we don't want readers to miss out either.

Our reviews also let you act quickly before early bird bonuses disappear. New online casinos regularly run promotions when they launch, and we don't want any readers to miss out, so it's a good idea to bookmark our listings. If you check back weekly, bonuses won't elapse before you have a chance to sign up and you'll be in the know about every single launch as soon as it happens.

Understanding Safety in New Online Casinos

Before rushing to our reviews of new online casinos, it's important to consider safety. Although most are professionally managed and conform to the UK's stringent gambling regulations, some new casino sites can drop the ball when it comes to security, and our readers need to know when this happens.

There's no need to worry too much about secure gaming, so don't panic. If a site is listed with Casino Horse, you can be sure that it has been properly licensed by the UK Gambling Commission or a similarly respected official body like Malta Gaming Authority or Curacao.

We don't list any brand new online casinos before double checking that they are approved to operate. Even so, licensed casinos vary in their security features and players should know about these variations.

For one thing, all reputable online casinos should ensure that their sites are protected via SSL encryption, and we'll verify whether this is the case. We'll also check that casinos have the latest security certificates and whether they have protocols in place to lock client data away from cyber-criminals.

Online casinos active in the UK are also required by law to prevent minors from accessing their sites, which is something parents will want to investigate. Safe casinos should always be 18+ environments that have multiple protections against illegal sign-ups, but sadly that's not always the case.

Casinos should also have systems in place to shield problem gamblers. If new casinos don't operate responsibly, we want to let the world know. Our reviewers will be sure to explain how they perform. We will check with customer service to ensure that new casinos are prepared to assist, or whether they are likely to leave you hanging.

Some of the newest online casinos in the UK also offer secure payment and withdrawal systems that aren't available in older casinos. This could include the use of cryptocurrencies or other digital wallets to make deposits, instead of relying on credit or debit cards. If you're keen on anonymising payments as much as possible, those casinos will be the ones to choose from. Our reviews explain all of the payment options, along with payout times. Nobody wants to wait five days for their money to arrive, so we always make sure that these payout times are as accurate as possible.

Finally, new casinos can be less "new" than they seem, and this can have consequences for customer safety. In the past, some rogue operators have deceived customers and lost their licenses as a result. However, it's possible for disgraced companies to create new sites and rebrand their operations, fooling inexperienced players into thinking that they are completely new.

At Casino Horse, we are serious about security. If new online casinos take liberties with the safety of their customers, our reviewers and player feedback will spell this out. And you can be sure that our detailed casino profiles will include comprehensive security information. With our help, you can easily find new gambling sites which have your best interests in mind.

Does New Casinos Mean Bigger Bonuses?

As we mentioned earlier, many people associate new casino sites with generous welcome bonuses. That's not a myth. New casinos genuinely do tend to offer bigger rewards for new sign-ups. In a highly competitive market, companies can't afford to alienate the masses, so you generally see them offering inducements to create an account – at least for a little while.

These welcome bonuses can take a range of forms, all of which are explained clearly in Casino Horse reviews. The most common variety are "No Deposit Bonuses". With these bonuses, customers receive extra credit in their casino accounts without needing to match that credit with money of their own. They usually come with terms and conditions, but should let you gamble for free. This makes no deposit bonuses a great way to sample what new online casinos have to offer before depositing any more funds.

This isn't the end of the bonus story, though. Some no deposit bonuses come with extra features, such as small amounts of free credit, then matched bonuses if you deposit extra cash. Others combine cash credits with free spins bonuses, letting you get a feel for how the slots work at new online casinos.

In some cases, casinos switch no deposit bonuses for "cashback" if you deposit certain amounts, while many operate 100% bonuses, which essentially double your money. Many use promo codes to deliver their welcome bonuses, which will usually have time limits attached. And there's no template for how casinos use bonuses. Every casino is slightly different when it comes to bonuses, which is why expert advice is essential.

When you browse the newest online casinos, we highlight how new operators use bonuses, and show exactly what kind of rewards are available. Instead of overwhelming players with numbers and big claims, we explain how different casinos compare, and which ones deserve your money.

Not all casinos have what it takes, but many new entrants to the market will become mainstays in the future. The trick is to stay informed and take advantage of bonuses when casinos launch, then pick the right operators to use over the long haul.

You might choose a couple of favourites, which can be added to your Casino Horse shortlist, and then just check new listings with the best bonus promotions. In any case, when new casinos launch, we'll provide everything you stay ahead of the game, letting you gamble safely, enjoyably, and as profitably as possible.

To find the latest casino launches in the UK, just sort our listings of the newest online casinos according to chronological dates. Call up the most recent arrivals, check their features, and start signing up today. If you use the Casino Horse listings, it's a safe bet that the sites you visit will meet expectations. And remember: if you want to help other players, be sure to rate or review new online casinos. We'd love to hear your feedback.

Newest Online Casinos: Conclusion

The online casino industry is worth hundreds of billions of dollars. Everyone wants their share of this vast and lucrative industry, and as the years progress, more new gaming brands are throwing their hats into the ring.

Some of the biggest casino brands own dozens of casino sites. For example, even the most dedicated of online gamblers may not recognize the names 888 Holdings, Mansion Group, and Kindred Group. However, these gambling brands are responsible for dozens of the world's biggest and most vibrant online casinos, sportsbooks, bingo rooms, and poker rooms.

And this is just the tip of what is a very substantial iceberg. 

The recent surge in activity has been helped by the fact that gambling is now available in more regions than ever before. New casinos online arriving in countries like Sweden, the Netherlands, Brazil, and India, even they have traditionally been reserved when it comes to gambling, they are now embracing it more than ever!

More markets are opening, more opportunities are being created for new gambling sites, and as a result, there are dozens of new online casinos being launched every month!

We sort the wheat from the chaff, highlighting the best new casinos and helping you to make the right choice while choosing among new online gambling sites. 

Online Casinos that appear on the "new casinos list" above are licensed, regulated, and secured, so let's drop some spins and share experiences about gambling at new casino sites!