Indian Online Casinos

Over the past few years, the online casino industry has grown a lot, broke so many records, and entered markets in developing countries such as India. Despite the fact India's gambling laws are a bit weird and unusual, online gambling is one of the fastest-growing industries on the sub-continent. A major turnover was in 2014 when the government of the federal state of Sikkim issued the first online casino license. This was a sign the industry will start to grow and in 2018 we have revenue worth no less than 44 billion Indian rupees. Fortunately, this trend is likely to continue next year. So how good are online casinos in India?

India Online Casino List

We will analyze laws and licenses later because this is what you deserve to know. However, this does not mean that playing at online casinos in India is not suitable. Indeed, you will be able to find many of them that at first glance look almost the same.

How Does Favorite List Work?

Based on our research, there are several candidates that might qualify for such a list, but only the best casinos for Indian players are clearly displayed on Casino Horse. This is the place where you can find more information about bonuses, promotions, and other relevant details concerning your optimal casino experience.

How to Choose India Online Casino

Unfortunately, not all online casinos that work for players from India are created equal. This is why you are supposed to research thoroughly before signing up and claiming a deal in any of them. We will be happy to say which ones are considered good and feature them on our site.

License and other approvals

Both the Sikkim Online Gambling Law of 2008 and the Sikkim Online Gaming Rules of 2009 theoretical provide a possibility of licensing; still, none of the operators in India have yet obtained a full license for modern online casinos and sports betting services.

Selection of games and providers

The major software providers such as NetEnt or Microgaming strive to offer localized content to the worldwide audience. On the other hand, people from Asia will better identify themselves in titles produced by Red Tiger Gaming, Top Trend Gaming, and Manna Play.

Promotional Offers

There is an array of deals an Indian player can claim, presuming to overcome all obstacles we talked about. Depending on your choice, it is possible to take a welcome bonus, get some free spins, or enjoy a no deposit bonus. Extra funds will be more than useful in the likes of the PapayaPop slot game featuring an expensive Buy Bonus option.

Banking options and processing time

Forced to wheel and deal given the fact that direct financial transactions between residents of India and foreign gambling sites are prohibited, Indian gamblers are very creative in using casino banking options. The decade-old Federal Information Technology Act of 2011 comes with certain provisions that restrict online gaming activities at the same time allowing Internet service providers to block betting sites based offshore.

If lucky enough to pass this act by, an Indian player can use globally accepted payment methods under the same set of rules as all the other customers. Visa and Mastercard may work but sometimes may fail security checks. It is much better to use e-wallets like Paypal, Skrill, and Neteller. Of course, customers in India can also use cryptocurrencies.

Customer support

Do you know that joke from „The Big Bang Theory“ where Raj wants to be called Steve from Texas mocking the fact that most US customer support services are actually based in India? As a player from this country, you will most likely encounter your friends or relatives supporting casino players via live chat, email, or phone. Accordingly, those are means you can use to get assisted in technical, gaming, or financial things.

Do I REALLY have to do this every time I discover a new India-friendly casino?

It would be great to accept all knowledge and information gathered here to inform your friend or tournament participant from India so that he or she can join or attract more new customers.

India Licensed Casinos

Believe it or not, gambling is prohibited in almost all regions of the country. The state of Sikkim is one of the most gambling-friendly states in the country. However, this does not mean that online betting is considered a prohibited activity. Many foreign online casinos operate in India. However, one minor exception should be highlighted. Each state has permission to regulate various aspects of the gambling industry.

Since the government does not issue licenses for online gambling sites in India, the country also lacks laws specifically aimed at online gambling. Mislead by the fact that land-based gambling is banned in most of India, many potential players believe that this also applies to online gambling. But the country does not have a tough policy in this area that would prevent Indian gamblers from playing online, and therefore they do it all the time. However, it is in your best interest to know that all the online casinos that operate here are in the grey zone.

Why are rules for casinos licensed in India so strict?

The laws related to online casinos in India are not well defined. Archaic, they date back to the 19th century when the country was still an English colony. Since the Public Gambling Law of 1867 is strict about working or visiting gambling houses, players are still threatened with small fines or even jail time. So far, there is no clear gambling legislation in the country. You can legally play in India only in three jurisdictions: Sikkim, Goa, and Damane.

At the moment, the only state in India with a regulated online gambling market is a remote highland area Sikkim where the first online sports betting site in the entire country was opened in the summer of 2015. Moreover, the Super Lotto founded in 2002 is still the only licensed lottery and gambling site with a valid national license.

Best India Casino Offers

Casinos accepting players from India are as generous as possible and distribute free spins and chips to help them form a solid bankroll. Maybe a novice gamer should look for a deal requiring lower deposits and still granting a chance to participate in all offers and promotions. Being an experienced player, you are advised to watch for prizes from tournaments and VIP programs.

So, where to find all the valuable information about campaigns?

The answer is simple – you’ll find it here. Another way is to subscribe to your favourite casino’s newsletter, join their mailing list, or even accept advertising by phone. That’s how you’ll stay at the source of the most valuable information.

India Casino No Deposit 

The Hong Kong branch of AvatarUX is the closest place for Indian players specialized in the production of games for this area. As a newbie, you can take a no deposit bonus and try the company’s trademarked PopWins Mechanics, but progressive jackpots only consider real money deposits. It’s really all up to you.

India Slot Sites

As mentioned, there are several software studios producing themed titles that players from India will enjoy. For example, the one founded to provide “Experience and Passion” offers the 30-slots Red Tiger Gaming’s Daily Drop Jackpots Network with a prize pool of more than €70 million, which is an even bigger figure in Rupees. You will also benefit from the Super Drop Jackpot in slots such as Dragon’s Luck.

New rules for best slot sites in India

We are still waiting for the lawgiver to define a proper set of rules that will determine the way you play slots and other online casino games. Until the moment, enjoy this kind of entertainment as usual and always keep in mind this is a casual pastime that should be treated as such.

India Mobile Casinos

Indian players who’d like to get a proper online casino experience can try their luck in off-state online casinos sites including their mobile versions and eventually existing apps.

Conclusion - India Casinos One of The Safest Options

India ranks ninth in the world in terms of gambling revenue, despite all obstacles for players including outdated and contradictory laws and other regulating acts. On the international stage, the Indian gambling market is considered one of the most profitable in the long term. It has a highly developed IT sphere, a large percentage of active users and has cricket as its own local, extremely popular sport to place bets on. However, many interested companies are still wary of entering the Indian market due to the lack of proper government regulation.