Jackpot Slots Mechanics Explained

Author: Casino Horse
22. Nov 2022

You are probably familiar with term Jackpot and when someone say “You hit a jackpot!” In most cases they refer to something marvellous that happened to you. So let’s start with definition of jackpot.

Jackpot represent money prize pool that is accumulated at jackpot slots and is awarded to jackpot winner who previously met terms and conditions required for claiming the prize.

Mechanics and Logic Behind Jackpots

Most jackpot slots have pools that are accumulated for certain period of time until someone hit a Jackpot and win pool prize.

How Jackpot Pools Are Created

In most cases jackpot pool prize is accumulated by game provider. We’ll explain It further.

First it is important to know that Jackpot games have slightly lower RTP percentage than standard video slot games. RTP is shorten of “return to player” and it indicates amount of money that casino game will return to player in percentage.

For example video slot like Gonzo’s Quest have RTP of 95.97% while jackpot slot like Age of the Gods: Fate Sisters have RTP 92.95%. Which means that on 100GBP cumulative bet Gonzo’s Quest will return around 96GBP while Fate Sisters will return around 93GBP, if you are player who seek for more constant winnings than jackpot slots are not right to go.

So, Jackpot slots have lower RTP because percentage of all loses are deducted in order to create a final pool prize that is randomly awarded.

Difference Between Progressive and Fixed Jackpots

Fixed jackpots like name suggests are slot games with predefined fixed prize that can range from hundreds to millions of British Pounds.

On the other hand, progressive jackpot games are the one with a prize pool that is constantly growing until it is paid out.

After payout, progressive jackpots start from zero and progressively build prize while fixed jackpots prizes are not affected by its payout.

Who Makes Best Jackpot Slots

There are a lot of good game providers who compete for title of best jackpot slot provider. Current leaders of jackpot race are Microgaming, Playtech, NetEnt and Yggdrasil. 

It is hard to declare a winner since all mentioned providers are doing amazing job when it comes to creating a casino games with amazing graphics and technologies that crate interesting winning combinations and schemes.

If you are new to jackpot slots our advise is to start with one of the most popular slot series today it is Age of The Gods created by Playtech.

Also it is worthy to mention Megaways slots games that are slowly stealing show from Jackpots, check out the best Megaways slots and learn more about this trendy mechanics that creates thousands winning combinations!