How To Start Gambling Online?

Online Gambling for Real Money - Guide
Author: Casino Horse
29. May 2020
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Patience is a virtue, as the saying goes, so before you dive head-first into an online casino, take a look at this guide. We’ll cover some of the basics to help you get to grips with online gambling, potentially limiting your mistakes and improving your profits.

How to Get Started with Online Casinos

The very first thing you need to consider when gambling online is whether or not your chosen sites are safe, secure, fair, and 100% legitimate. Contrary to what you might have heard, the online casino industry is not awash with scammers and fraudulent websites. It’s like anything else—they exist, but they are the minority, and if you know how to spot them, you can avoid them. If you take a look at our tips, guides, and casino reviews, you’ll get the information you need to stay clear of these scam sites. We only list reputable online casinos and will never recommend an unlicensed website with a history of scamming its customers.

How Casino Bonuses Work

Once you choose a legitimate casino site, it’s time to focus on the casino bonuses. There are several different types of bonus available. Still, these can be reduced to one of two kinds: bonuses offered to new players and bonuses offered to loyal players. Both are important, but for different reasons. New player bonuses, also known as welcome bonuses, are offered when you first time joining casino and are dependent on you making a minimum deposit. They can give you a head start, essentially letting you play with the casino’s money. You can use free spins bonuses and try gamble online for free! Find this offers at free spins bonus list. As for loyalty bonuses, they incentivise you to stick around and to keep your deposits flowing. They are essential if you want a casino for the long-term and won’t merely leave when your welcome bonus has finished.

Choosing the Best Bonus

The size of the bonus being offered is key to determining just how beneficial it is. Still, you need to look at the wagering requirements, deposit limits, cash out restrictions, and, in the case of loyalty bonuses, reward point rates. You can find all of this info in our casino bonus reviews and bonus Terms and Conditions, the most important of which is the wagering requirement. Example of how wagering work: you have a £100 bonus, and the wagering requirement is 20x. To withdraw your money, you need to wager the full sum 20 times over, which equates to a total bet of £2,000. Although it sounds like a big ask for a deposit of just £100, you have to consider that most slot sessions will return as many wins as losses. 100 spins of £1 each could see you win £50 and lose £50, in which case you have the same balance but have just cleared £100 from your wagering requirement.

Keeping Your Budget Under Control

Before you make a deposit and start playing, it’s important to create a gambling budget, known as a bankroll. This is something that all pro gamblers do, from full-time poker players to high-roller roulette fans. A bankroll should be a reasonable sum of money that doesn’t take away from your savings or your bills and won’t destroy you if you lose it. It can be a monthly or quarterly sum, and the idea is that you don’t reload it until that period has passed. Your bankroll will also determine your stake. If, for instance, you have a monthly bankroll of £500 and you plan on playing twice a week for 2 hours at a time, you may want to limit your stake to just £0.50 per spin or £1 per hand, allowing you to maximise your play time and ensuring you don’t run dry before the month is over. By all means, increase your bankroll with your winnings, but don’t deposit any more money from your bank as this is a slippery slope that you definitely don’t want to go down.

Finding the Right Casino Games

Once you’ve gotten your bankroll in check and have found the right bonus, there’s just one thing for it: games. No two casino games are the same, and the one that is ideal for you may not be ideal for the next person. If you have the patience and skill, try your hand at poker. If you’re good with strategies and budgeting, give blackjack a go. On the other hand, if you prefer a pure game of chance that doesn’t require any prior knowledge, test your luck and play online slots! The game you choose will dictate how much you stake per hand and could also determine whether you’re a profitable gambler or not, so it’s an important decision to make.


Jeremih Duncan
Jeremih Duncan 31. Aug 2021.
I have been playing at online casinos for years now and I have won and lost. But the best part is the playing and adrenaline rush you get when playing. Very good tips on budget control and responsibility.