How to Cheat Slot Machines: Debunking Popular Myths About Cheating

Author: Casino Horse
29. Sep 2020
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From the very first one-armed bandits to online slot games, punters have been actively brainstorming how to crack them, how to cheat, and how to win more. It’s simply part of human nature, it’s something stronger than us.

And the craziest thing of all- people are aware that online slots are RNG-powered, and they still strongly believe that someone or something can affect the outcome of the game. As a result, there are so many superstitions, assumptions, and misconceptions.

What are the most common myths people have about slot machines?

If you were to ask a random punter, regardless of the place he/she lives in, you’d probably get some of the following answers:

  • All games are rigged!
  • There are hot and cold machines!
  • No way I can score two jackpots in a row!

These are just some of the most frequently seen superstitions, but there are many more. We have investigated a bit, and here’s what we have discovered!

Common Myths- Listed and Explained!

Without further ado, let’s check out what are players widely believe, and explain why that makes no sense at all.

All Games are Rigged Against Players

No, they aren’t, and it’s all courtesy of modern technology. Nowadays all machines operate on RNG (Random Number Generator), and the outcome of each session is independent, non-manipulated, and completely random.

One additional myth is connected with the autoplay option, and again- no, this button is not a player’s enemy. This is just a convenient option that allows you to take a break from clicking, and let the reels spin themselves. And they are also RNG-powered.

Some machines are hotter/colder than others

It’s a pure coincidence, but on the other hand, there’s a reasonable explanation of why some machines are hotter/ colder. To be more precise, why some produce more winnings than others. Take a look at the hit frequency rate- the number of potential wins. Some machines have lower, some higher, which explains why winnings appear more or less frequently.

Two Jackpots in a row- that doesn’t exist

You know how people say “Lightning doesn’t strike twice”- well it does. And a Jackpots can strike twice as well. If you have two dead spins in a row, who says you cannot have two grand prizes in a row. Everything is random, remember?

Jackpot is About to Land

You’ve been playing for a while, and you’ve scored some smaller prizes. So, the most sought-after one is about to arrive, right?

No, just because the level of action is getting higher and higher, it doesn’t mean that JP is just around the corner. The fact that the atmosphere is getting more and more vibrant has to do with your thrill, some new features you’ve unlocked, and so on.

All symbols appear on the reels equally

Unfortunately, no, this is just a myth. The lower-paying ones appear more often, and the more valuable ones are slightly rarer. In case you have wondered why is a game filled with plenty of smaller payouts, this is an explanation.

JPs are more frequent during busy hours and tournaments 

No, they aren’t- again, RNG is in charge of ensuring randomness in all scenarios. Okay, when MORE PEOPLE are playing, there are more chances for Jackpot to be triggered, but no one can tell that “John” or “Mary” are going to score it just because they’ve been playing for two hours.

All these misconceptions were born because people needed to find some explanation of why they lost or won. Instead of “blaming it all” on randomness, they did their best to find some “logical” answer for the lack of luck. Or too much of it.

Old School Tricks for Cheating on Slot Machines

Reflecting on those old times when these myths were born, we shall also share some interesting retro techniques for cheating. Those who wanted to manipulate old machines implemented some of the following:

  • Strong magnets to impact the spinning of the reels to adjust them for a winning combo
  • Coins hanging on a string which would be inserted and taken out over and over again (yo-yo cheat)
  • Shaved and fake coins to fool the machine and activate the game
  • Blinding the optical sensor with a light wand to confuse the machine

Moreover, there were various “devices” such as Monkey Paw, Piano Wire, Top-Bottom Joint, and Bill Validator. You can only assume how Frankenstein-ish some of those appeared to be.

From the perspective of a modern player these tricks sound utterly silly, but one cannot deny that both these low-tech and high-tech tricks are quite creative. After all, it had to start from somewhere, and punters really invested plenty of brainstorming to crack slot machines.

Whether they worked for sure or are only funny stories from the past, no one can tell for sure, but people are still obsessed with them.

Provenly Successful Trick for Cheating 

Get ready, as you are about to hear that great big word, and believe it or not- it’s knowledge! Sorry to burst your bubbles, but if you play in a respectable casino, then there is no room for tricks and cheating.

Casinos pay special attention to the safety, security, and fairness of their games, and won’t risk offering scam games which can easily be rigged. Some people will keep trying and trying to take advantage of the software glitch, but do know that operators have solutions for that as well- they’ll simply deny such questionable winnings.

So, instead of pushing the luck, you’d better take some time to learn the basic components of slot machines. Those are RTP, volatility, features, and their roles, as well as paytable. Once you fully understand how each of them works, you’ll be able to adjust your bet accordingly, and THAT’S THE ONLY way to get the most of a game.

Of course, no one can guarantee that you will end up loaded with cash, but you will certainly have significantly higher chances. And don’t forget that RNG has the final word! So, don’t be obsessed with trying to rig the machine, just let the reels spin and wait for some surprises!

Hope you liked our recap of the most common slot machine myths!  

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